Open Day at the MKPS Farm

This week, our Class 11 (Year 6) children hosted an Open Day for parents across the school at The Farm, our environmental studies centre. The new purpose built classroom unit has two big spaces flooded with natural light set amidst the planting and wilderness areas and the polytunnels. The parents joined us via buses from school in two groups and were taken round the site by the children, who loved showing off their gardening skills and proudly pointed out the fruits, vegetables and flowers their efforts – and those of their fellow pupils from pre-Reception to Year 5 – have produced.

Staff were on hand to provide refreshments, fire up the pizza oven for the children’s lunch and supervise chutney, dough and passata-making in the classrooms. There was even an unexpected visit from a large female toad, which the children were fascinated to watch and touch! Even the unpredictable mid-June weather didn’t dampen the spirits, perfectly showcasing the gardening and even the indoor fitness facilities.

“What an amazing place to learn. I am in shock at this place – the children are so lucky.”

IMG_1315  IMG_1307 IMG_1239  IMG_1176 IMG_1173  IMG_1163

“A fantastic facility and its wonderful to see the children enjoying it”

“Wonderful place. Now I know why my girls like farm days – great work.”

Both parents and children had a very enjoyable and relaxed couple of hours. We plan to hold another Open Day at The Farm later in the year – keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

“Lovely atmosphere in here and I’m sure the children feel relaxed and rejuvenated as they leave the farm after every visit.”