Harvest Festival September 2019

This morning many of our children took great pleasure in bringing their Food Bank donations to the Sports Hall in advance of a visit from the Project Manager at the Food Bank, Mr John Marshall. He led a presentation to the children, asking them thought-provoking questions about food and their concept of meals. For example, he asked for volunteers to find some items amongst those on display that they would choose for someone’s breakfast, or asked how many of them had actually had breakfast this morning, explaining that in some schools he visited, almost all hands went up.

The Food Bank relies heavily on donations from the public both in the form of food and money. They are based in Milton Keynes and have warehouses and serving centres, all populated by volunteers. Every item they receive makes a difference to someone, somewhere, who is in need. For more information about their work, visit their website http://mkfoodbank.org.uk where you can also find out about items they are looking for.