Class 7 – Science Day

Wednesday 6th February was Science Day for Class 7, who conducted several experiments!

Solids/liquids: as part of Science Day the children experimented with solids turning into liquids. They melted solid chocolate into liquid chocolate and then watched it turn back into a solid. They discussed how the process would work with other materials, such as water ad wax; however, the best part was tasting both the liquid and solid chocolates to see if they tasted different


Mixing liquids: the children also made Blizzard lava lamps by mixing together baby oil, water, white paint and Alka Seltzer tablets to create a lava lamp effect. They learned that oil and water do not mix but stay separate due to their different densities.


Freezing: the children have been learning about freezing materials. They investigated if they could turn milk into ice cream using just ice cubes, by putting ice cream mixture into a bag of ice and shaking it for five minutes…

IMG_0888  IMG_0879

Sadly it did not make ice cream. However, when salt was added to the ice and it was then shaken, the temperature was lowered and the milk froze, making some delicious ice cream for them to enjoy!