Class 11 Visit the National Museum of Computing

On Monday some of our Year 6 children visited the National Museum of Computing. The children started off the day with a guided tour called “Digital Revolution”.

They explored the ‘first semi-programmable electronic computer’, the world’s oldest working computer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation computer machines to present innovation. The tour also looks at the development of electronic computers after the war. The machines demonstrate key concepts in computing such as the Von Neumann architecture and the Fetch – Decode – Execute cycle, as well as looking at real world examples of computing and how it has changed the world in which we live.
They then had some time to play some vintage games on dated consoles and arcade machines. They found this exhilarating and plenty of fun!

After lunch, they went on to engage in hands-on workshops:
• Workshop 1 – Program in BBC Basic – Snake Game
Using vintage BBC micro machines the children used BBC Basic to program a game of Snake.
• Workshop 3 – Turing Test
This was a brief introduction into Alan Turing’s work on AI and how it is used for modern chat-bots.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day.