Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Year 1 trip to Thrift Farm

IIMG_5636n conjunction with their topic on Food & Farming, Year 1 pupils enjoyed a morning’s visit to this rural centre to learn more about animals on the farm.

They learned that farms keep animals for us to eat later as meat e.g. pigs, cows, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens. Cows and goats are also kept for milk, chickens and ducks for eggs, sheep for wool ( with dogs to herd them) and cats for catching mice. Years ago horses and donkeys were used for pulling carts and ploughs. Class 6 children saw all these animals there: they enjoyed observing their behaviours and seeing where they lived. Some of the children even sat on a tractor and everyone enjoyed having a break in the adventure playground.

Year 4 – Verulamium

IMG_3597IMG_3585Year 4 visit to Verulamium In October 2017 Year 4 visited Verulamium in connection with their studies of The Romans. They had a fascinating day visiting the Roman remains and learning more about life in Roman Britain.

Woburn Safari Park

In connection with their topic on The Jungle, Pre-Reception children enjoyed a day out at Woburn Safari Park, observing the large wild animals through the windows of the coach and then getting close to the small animals on foot and watching the Birds of Prey display.

Class 7 Trip to Cecil Higgins Museum

Class 7 visited the Cecil Higgins Museum, Bedford, as part of their ‘In The Home’ topic. The children learnt about life as a servant in a Victorian household and took part in activities such as: washing and drying clothes; beating rugs and dusting; polishing shoes and cutlery; sewing buttons and laying the dining table correctly. They also compared Victorian household items with modern items and discussed the similarities and differences. Although it was hard work, they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and realised how lucky we are to have many of today’s modern appliances in our homes!

Pitt Rivers Trip Year 5

The 9s enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Oxford’s Pitt River’s Museum where they were overwhelmed with the number of artefacts on display!

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Year 4 Trip to Howe Park Woods

The sun shone brightly for the 8s on a wonderful day out in Howe Park Woods. The children spent the morning playing team building games where they had to work together to ‘win the treasure’.

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