Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Year 6 Caythorpe Trip

This morning, our Year 6 children set off on their final residential trip with us as they headed off to Caythorpe for a few fun days. They cheerfully compared packing techniques in the sunshine whilst waiting to board their coach and have already enjoyed a picnic style lunch at their destination. The forecast looks fair – sunny days ahead! 😎😎😎

Cricket Squads Visit Lord’s

Friday 13th May has been a lucky day at Lord’s for our senior cricket squads! They had a morning in the nets with specialist coaching, followed by a tour of the ground and museum, then a chance to watch Middlesex vs Nottinghamshire in the sunshine.

Then, to top off a brilliant afternoon, a perfect photo opportunity with Eoin Morgan.

Ski Trip March 2022

Our ski trip children left on a Saturday morning in mid-March, arrived safely and went straight for a full day on the sunny slopes. With some stunning views and weather on the slopes, the children of all skill levels had a fabulous time.

A trip to Shakespeare country

“When shall we three meet again…?”

On a sunny, cold February morning this week, our Year 6 children set off, well wrapped up, for a trip to Mary Arden’s Farm, in Shakespeare country. It was an exciting opportunity to learn more about Macbeth as part of their English studies. Participating in choreographed battle scenes, freeze frames and learning of lines, all interspersed with education about gruesome medical procedures and witches from the Tudor times, the children experienced a thrilling day of drama that they won’t forget in a hurry!

Sports Tour 2021

The annual and much anticipated Sports Tour has resumed this year – albeit on home turf, but the children moved onto football and netball training on day two (after an action-packed day at Alton Towers yesterday!)

The children enjoyed coaching in netball at the Armitage Centre where the Manchester Thunder Superleague Netball Team play and football at Manchester City’s impressive training grounds. Currently touring the Etihad Stadium, with matches to be played by both the footballers and netballers this evening!

Class 9 on an Art Expedition

A bit of rain and wind rarely stops children having fun on an outing at MKPS! Earlier this week the children went on an Art Expedition to Campbell Park. They found out about the sculptures on their walk and made some art in the outside spaces. Back at the gallery, they experimented with materials, creating colourful flags and making clay and paper creations with the artists in residence.

Year 6 visit MK Gallery to see the Stubbs Exhibition

This week our Year 6 children visited MK Gallery to see their current exhibition ‘Stubbs: All Done from Nature’ as part of their Art studies this term.

A learning scout took the children on a tour of the paintings where they viewed the magnificent ‘Whistlejacket’ and enjoyed learning about Stubbs the artist. They also took part in a workshop with an artist where they studied the structure and anatomy of a horse through charcoal drawing.

Class 7 Trip to Wicksteed Park

Class 7 on train at Wicksteed Park

Our Year 2 children had a lovely day at Wicksteed Park this week – all in the name of science of course!

They investigated which forces are used to move the playground equipment and were also tasked with creating a giant marble run using tubes and cardboard….everyone took the research very seriously and enjoyed themselves filling in worksheets on their clipboards as they played with their friends in the playground. The marble run challenge saw all of them helping, having ideas and getting involved to make their marble run a success.

A lovely day for the children to spend time outside learning, experiencing and playing, as well as getting to see the fun side of science!

Year 6 Visit Bletchley Park

At The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to practise coding on the BBC Micro to create the snake game. They also used NotePad and Python the do the Turing test, a program designed to generate questions and answers – the purpose being to work out whether the responses were given by a machine or by a human.

They learnt about the evolution of technology by visiting the Colossus, the Tunny and the WITCH main frames.

They were amazed at the size and dimensions of the hard disks of the 1970s and 1980s and the amount of storage space they contained.

Bletchley Park 1 Bletchley Park 2 Bletchley Park 3

Class 9 to Verulamium

In October, Year 4 pupils visited Verulamium Museum in St Albans to support their Roman Britain topic. They learnt about everyday life during Roman times, were given a talk about the wonderful mosaics displayed in the museum and had an exciting opportunity to handle real Roman objects.

Verulamium 1 Year 4 Verulamium 2 Year 4