Read more about our recent school trips, visits and special events below.

Picasso painting

Our Year 2 critical worker children created some fantastic Picasso style pictures – the task was to focus on his “blue period’ and create a picture. The children enjoyed this so much they decided to research and write some facts about Picasso and create another picture!

Animal Experience

Today it was the turn of our Year 2 children at home and in school to have a virtual visit! ‘Animal Experience’ joined us online to show various animals and reptiles, explaining all about their habits and habitats and giving the children the chance to ask plenty of questions about each creature. The children really enjoyed the chance to ‘meet’ snakes, lizards, a meerkat and a chinchilla amongst others and it generated a great deal of lively discussion during and after the event.

Castles and Ice Pops!

It’s been a creative time at school and at home at MKPS.

Year 1 have been working on their ‘Castles’ topic in English, writing then following their own instructions for building their castles. Top marks to the children (and parents!) for these super creations 🏰

Meanwhile the Year 2 children have enjoyed ice painting in Art; freezing coloured water to make paint ice pops and using them to create pictures

MKPS & the Food Bank – Christmas 2020

This Christmas we are supporting the ‘MK Food Bank’ to help families in Milton Keynes. The food bank relies entirely on donations and we feel more than ever that it is important for us all to support our local community.

Our MKPS families turned out in force to drop off a huge amount of food for the donation boxes – absolutely amazing! The children were delighted and the Food Bank van left us heavily laden this morning.

The parcels will now be sorted and distributed to families in need around the city. Thank you to all the parents that have so generously contributed.

Primary Maths Challenge 2020

Last week, 40 pupils attempted this year’s Primary Maths Challenge. All of Class 11, and 6 children from Class 10, completed the challenge, which is a difficult mixture of multiple choice questions and tricky puzzles!

All of the children did extremely well, and 60% of our pupils achieved a certificate, which will be presented next week.

A Glimpse of the Future…?

This week some of our children had the chance to try out an MR (mixed reality) headset, currently being trialed in the workplace for front line workers.

Could these children simply be trying out now what could be their everyday workplace tools in years to come…?

Harvest Time at the Farm

Over at the Farm, our Environmental Studies Centre, the children have been busy harvesting the season’s goodies, including carrots. Today they’ve brought back a bowl full of the gorgeous, tiny, round Parisian variety, as well as the more familiar shaped carrots. Chef’s already got his eye on them for carrot soup for lunch tomorrow!

Back to School for the Autumn!

First day of term today: the children as always adjusted effortlessly to the new changes and relished being back in the classroom with their teachers and friends. An autumn full of engaging and learning lies ahead!

Head’s Challenge: Nature Picture Competition

Over the Easter holidays the Headmaster set a challenge to the children to produce a picture of something in nature that caught their eye. We were absolutely amazed at the standards of entries – some painted, some photographed, some built – that were submitted. There has been some carefully considered creating going on!

Three winners were chosen: one from Pre-Prep, one from Prep and one overall winner. The winning entries are shown below.

Well done to all those that took part.

The winning submission for Pre-Prep from Daniel (Year 2)
The winning submission for Prep from Megan (Year 4)
The overall winning submission from Shravan (Year 5)

Jessica paints a rainbow!

There have been some amazing stories in the press in these unusual times and it’s lovely when one of our own pupils makes a headline. Jessica in Year 4 has displayed some creative talent and drawn a huge chalk rainbow on the family home’s driveway in support of the NHS. Her parents are very proud and we are delighted to present her with a Headteacher’s Award for her efforts. Well done Jessica!