Read more about our recent school trips, visits and special events below.

Senior Cricket Squads’ Trip to Lord’s

On Friday 17th May, the MKPS Senior Cricket Squads visited Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The morning consisted of a two hour training session with ECB qualified coaches. This included the use of the nets, working on game based scenarios. A bowling machine was used and the children worked on improving a specific element of their batting. Full match practice then followed, allowing the children to apply their newly learned skills in a pressure situation. The children benefited from all elements of practice and will move into the summer term with a clearer idea of their strengths and areas for improvement.

IMG_1916 IMG_1915 IMG_1928 IMG_1924 IMG_1929 IMG_2924 IMG_2911

A tour of Lord’s followed after lunch. This included viewing the media centre, where international journalists sit to report on the day’s play. A tour of the Museum then followed, including a history lesson on the Ashes, given by our expert guide, Lionel.

IMG_1927Seeing such legendary names as Shane Warne, Viv Richards and Alistair Cook emblazoned in the Museum will certainly inspire the children to give 100% effort during games lessons/fixtures this term. The children even managed to watch a small passage of play between Middlesex and Leicestershire in the County Championship. This is regarded as the best level of cricket outside the international arena.

Our MKPS children behaved impeccably as always and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at the home of cricket.

Thank you to the MCC Academy and the MCC Cricket Club for hosting us.


Class 7 on a Bletchley Walk

Making the most of another sunny May afternoon, our Class 7 went on a walk from school to St Mary’s Church in Bletchley this week. They were learning map reading skills, studying trees and road signs and looking out for landmarks, such as the War Memorial, along the way.

7s#6 7s#5 7s#4 7s#3 7s#2 7s#1

Samba Drumming Fun for Year 1

In conjunction with their topic on Sound and Communication, our Year 1 children enjoyed a visit from the professional musician Ed Neuhauser. He taught them different beats and rhythms so that they could experience the spirit and techniques of Samba Drumming. The children were unanimous in their praise of the workshop. We hope that they will be inspired to have a go at drumming again in the future!

IMG_8164IMG_8225IMG_8161IMG_8238 copyIMG_8154 copy

Primary Maths Challenge

In November 2018 around 67,000 children from 1600 schools took part in the Primary Mathematics Challenge. 10% of those children scored between 18 and 25. The top 3.5% of those children were invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February.  Twenty MK Prep children were amongst that number.

Of that top 3.5%, just over half of the children achieved bronze, silver or gold  awards. 80% of our children who took part in the Bonus Round achieved awards – nine Silver awards and seven Bronze awards. In many cases, gold, silver and bronze awards were missed by only one mark.

IMG_6272What an amazing bunch of children!


Congratulations to the U11 Boys Football team, finishing runners up in the East Region of the 7-a-side ISFA competition held at The Perse School, Cambridge. The boys came second in their group and progressed through to the knockout stages. They beat Langley 3-2 in the quarter-finals, defeated St Josephs in the Park 1-0 in the semi-final and then progressed through to the final to play hosts, The Perse.

The boys made an excellent start, scoring first from a corner. After a hard fought game they fell just short losing 3-1. Well done, an excellent achievement!

ISFA 2019


Our First Junior Prep Inter-House Football and Netball

As part of the Sports leaders’ silver award this year, they had to organise a Junior Inter-House tournament for both the girls and boys. They had to warm up their team, coach their own House and referee their own games. The girls’ tournament involved all Year 4 girls and some from Year 3. After a closely contested round robin tournament, Emerson scooped the first victory and became Junior Netball Inter-House Champions!

Junior Football Inter-House Football involved Years 4 and 3 boys and proved to be a very exciting tournament. As the final approached, Emerson and Ravenstone were head to head with the same amount of points. Emerson powered their way into first position, with Ravenstone coming a very close second.

ihb3 ihb2 Emerson FC

Emerson – the winning team!

The Sports leaders did a fantastic job, having built a very good rapport with the younger children, who had a thoroughly positive and enjoyable experience from their first Inter-House tournament! Well done to all the teams and to our sports leaders!


Congratulations to the MKPS U10A team for winning the annual MKPS 5-a-side indoor football tournament on Wednesday 27th February 2019. The B team also performed admirably, coming very close to beating other schools’ A teams.

u10 5aside

Mufti Day – February 2019

This week we asked the children if they would like to help us raise funds for our nominated charity, Medical Detection Dogs, by donating £1 in return for the chance to wear mufti for the day. Most of our pupils took part and we raised a respectable £375.00 to add to our totals for the year to date.

Pictured are some of our Pre-Prep children engaged in their morning lessons and activities, which included kite-making and flying in the chilly February sunshine.

image003 image016 IMG_0006 IMG_9994 IMG_9992

Class 7 – Science Day

Wednesday 6th February was Science Day for Class 7, who conducted several experiments!

Solids/liquids: as part of Science Day the children experimented with solids turning into liquids. They melted solid chocolate into liquid chocolate and then watched it turn back into a solid. They discussed how the process would work with other materials, such as water ad wax; however, the best part was tasting both the liquid and solid chocolates to see if they tasted different


Mixing liquids: the children also made Blizzard lava lamps by mixing together baby oil, water, white paint and Alka Seltzer tablets to create a lava lamp effect. They learned that oil and water do not mix but stay separate due to their different densities.


Freezing: the children have been learning about freezing materials. They investigated if they could turn milk into ice cream using just ice cubes, by putting ice cream mixture into a bag of ice and shaking it for five minutes…

IMG_0888  IMG_0879

Sadly it did not make ice cream. However, when salt was added to the ice and it was then shaken, the temperature was lowered and the milk froze, making some delicious ice cream for them to enjoy!