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Friends of MKPS Logo Competition

All children were recently invited to enter a competition to design a new logo for our Parents’ Association. In today’s Prep School Assembly the overall winner was announced and all entrants were presented with gifts . Congratulations to Millie, one of our Year 4 pupils whose winning design can be seen below.

Class 7 Trip to Wicksteed Park

Class 7 on train at Wicksteed Park

Our Year 2 children had a lovely day at Wicksteed Park this week – all in the name of science of course!

They investigated which forces are used to move the playground equipment and were also tasked with creating a giant marble run using tubes and cardboard….everyone took the research very seriously and enjoyed themselves filling in worksheets on their clipboards as they played with their friends in the playground. The marble run challenge saw all of them helping, having ideas and getting involved to make their marble run a success.

A lovely day for the children to spend time outside learning, experiencing and playing, as well as getting to see the fun side of science!

Class 10 at MK Innovates, CMK

Class 10 visited the MK Innovates Exhibition in Middleton Hall on Friday afternoon.

The Nifty Lifts stand was a favourite with the model hydraulic arm challenge fitting in very neatly with their current D&T project.

Class 10 visiting the MK Innovates Exhibition in Middleton Hall (CMK)
Class 10 visiting the MK Innovates Exhibition in Middleton Hall (CMK)

The Sphero programmable robots on the RS stand were also popular, where challenge was to programme the robot to burst a balloon.

Class 11 Visit the National Museum of Computing

On Monday some of our Year 6 children visited the National Museum of Computing. The children started off the day with a guided tour called “Digital Revolution”.

They explored the ‘first semi-programmable electronic computer’, the world’s oldest working computer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation computer machines to present innovation. The tour also looks at the development of electronic computers after the war. The machines demonstrate key concepts in computing such as the Von Neumann architecture and the Fetch – Decode – Execute cycle, as well as looking at real world examples of computing and how it has changed the world in which we live.
They then had some time to play some vintage games on dated consoles and arcade machines. They found this exhilarating and plenty of fun!

After lunch, they went on to engage in hands-on workshops:
• Workshop 1 – Program in BBC Basic – Snake Game
Using vintage BBC micro machines the children used BBC Basic to program a game of Snake.
• Workshop 3 – Turing Test
This was a brief introduction into Alan Turing’s work on AI and how it is used for modern chat-bots.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Art Workshop for Class 5

On Friday, Class 5 had an Art Workshop based on their current class Topic ‘Ourselves’.

Together we looked at the artist Paul Klee and used oil and chalk pastels to create faces using shapes.

Everyone had fun getting messy and showing off not only their artwork – but also their hands!

Harvest Festival September 2019

This morning many of our children took great pleasure in bringing their Food Bank donations to the Sports Hall in advance of a visit from the Project Manager at the Food Bank, Mr John Marshall. He led a presentation to the children, asking them thought-provoking questions about food and their concept of meals. For example, he asked for volunteers to find some items amongst those on display that they would choose for someone’s breakfast, or asked how many of them had actually had breakfast this morning, explaining that in some schools he visited, almost all hands went up.

The Food Bank relies heavily on donations from the public both in the form of food and money. They are based in Milton Keynes and have warehouses and serving centres, all populated by volunteers. Every item they receive makes a difference to someone, somewhere, who is in need. For more information about their work, visit their website where you can also find out about items they are looking for.

Keyboard Skills Workshop

Eleven excited pupils attended our keyboard afternoon on Thursday 26th September.  Mr Ben Andrew – Head of Keyboard at Stowe School – facilitated the session.  The children began to make music instantly and used the pentatonic scale to improvise, as Mr Andrew played chords on the piano.

Every pupil played a piece of music for him and they were then given practical advice on how they could improve their performance.  Topics covered included understanding performance directions, pedalling technique, posture at the piano and how to improve sight-reading skills.  The session ended with a lively Blues improvisation performance that continued into registration time.  Thank you Mr Andrew for such an informative and enjoyable afternoon. 

Well done children and remember, keep practicing!

Cricket Festival Campbell Park

In a festival against Akeley Wood School last week, our Class 2 children made the most of a lovely sunny afternoon playing cricket at Campbell Park. We fielded four teams and as well as the game play, there were some workshops running – for example, Mr Hall, our MKPS Professional Cricket Coach, ran some bowling workshops using hoops to improve and assist the children’s aim.

Five children received a Player of the Match Award – four from MKPS and one from Akeley Wood. All the children were awarded medals and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine and fresh air.


IMG_9236  IMG_9268

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Open Day at the MKPS Farm

This week, our Class 11 (Year 6) children hosted an Open Day for parents across the school at The Farm, our environmental studies centre. The new purpose built classroom unit has two big spaces flooded with natural light set amidst the planting and wilderness areas and the polytunnels. The parents joined us via buses from school in two groups and were taken round the site by the children, who loved showing off their gardening skills and proudly pointed out the fruits, vegetables and flowers their efforts – and those of their fellow pupils from pre-Reception to Year 5 – have produced.

Staff were on hand to provide refreshments, fire up the pizza oven for the children’s lunch and supervise chutney, dough and passata-making in the classrooms. There was even an unexpected visit from a large female toad, which the children were fascinated to watch and touch! Even the unpredictable mid-June weather didn’t dampen the spirits, perfectly showcasing the gardening and even the indoor fitness facilities.

“What an amazing place to learn. I am in shock at this place – the children are so lucky.”

IMG_1315  IMG_1307

IMG_1239  IMG_1176

IMG_1173  IMG_1163

“A fantastic facility and its wonderful to see the children enjoying it”

“Wonderful place. Now I know why my girls like farm days – great work.”

Both parents and children had a very enjoyable and relaxed couple of hours. We plan to hold another Open Day at The Farm later in the year – keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

“Lovely atmosphere in here and I’m sure the children feel relaxed and rejuvenated as they leave the farm after every visit.”

Royal Academy Successes

For the first time this year, the Royal Academy are running the Young Artists’ Summer Show, inspired by the Academy’s own Summer Exhibition. The new show offers primary and secondary level students the chance to exhibit their artwork at the Royal Academy – both on site and online.

MKPS entered several pieces from our Prep children and we’re absolutely delighted that Kamran Shokar from Year 4 had his pastel still life (below, top) selected for the online exhibition, whilst Coco Derry from Year 3 had her piece (below) shortlisted. A brilliant achievement for both of them!

KS 2019


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