Celebration of Success – Netball Tournament

This afternoon here at MK Prep we hosted our first U11 Netball Tournament. Both our A and B teams played matches against Winchester House, Akeley Wood, Swanbourne and The Manor House. There were some exciting moments and lots of brilliant team effort was put in by all sides. We’re delighted to announce that The Manor House were worthy runners-up to the winning team – our very own MKPS A team!

Thank you to all that took part and well done to all the players, staff and spectators – an excellent afternoon of sport.

The MKPS A Team winners!
Worthy opponents and runners-up The Manor House
The scoring team

Class 8 Egyptian Day – Part 2!

Following on from yesterday’s Egyptian Day, Class 8 (Year 3) have now completed some of their creations. Their crown designs are colourful and imaginative, whilst their papyrus looks most authentic. Egyptian history brought to life through making and doing – the children have really enjoyed it.

Charity Cake Sale

It’s Cake Sale Day! Our tireless parent and teacher association, Friends of MKPS, have set out their stalls early to catch the little ones eagerly clutching their 50p pieces… there’s chocolate, vanilla, gluten free, egg free, large, small – so much choice to be had thanks to our clever, creative parents! With all proceeds are going to our nominated charity, Children’s Air Ambulance, it’s happy sticky faces all round 😋

Egyptian Day

This morning the children in our Year 3 classes have been busy creating pieces for their Egyptian Day today. Many pieces of work are drying out ready for use – pictures of the completed pieces will be up soon, but for now here are some sneak peeks of the works in progress…

Netball Tournament – Winchester House

Our U11A netball team stormed the group stages at the Winchester House Netball Tournament yesterday and finished as runners up overall! Our U11B team did us proud as well with a gallant effort from everyone. Well done girls! Thank you to Winchester House for hosting a great tournament.

Class 5 – Weather

It snowed in our Reception class today!

Class 5 were studying weather patterns and the animals that live in different climates as part of their Weather topic this term. Our Science teacher spent the afternoon helping the children recreate snow and identify weather types from photos, as well as spotting which animals live in the snow. The children were amazed to watch the snow change shape when they added water and enjoyed the feel of the mixture on their hands.

Celebration of success

Earlier this month, one of our Year 6 pupils had the amazing opportunity to take part in a mathematics competition in the US. She was selected from around 500 children internationally to take part and attended the competition at the Pacific Palm Resort in Los Angeles, where she had to sit several papers in order to succeed – which she did and was awarded second place! An absolutely super achievement.

Class 7 – ‘Clothes’ topic day

Our Year 2 children in Class 7 have had a busy day today working on their ‘Clothes’ topic – learning how clothes are used to protect us from heat and cold, how clothes have changed through history and what special types of clothes there are.

For today, they were encouraged to wear clothes that meant something special to them whilst they each took turns in their groups to create peg dolls wearing hats and clothing, decorate their own tote bags and even re-design the MKPS uniform!

Even the class teachers joined in with dressing-up and peg doll making

Class 7 – STEM lessons

M&Ms experiment - STEM

On Friday afternoons our Class 7 (Year 2) classes join together to experience STEM subjects in rotation. One of the groups did a scientific experiment to see what happens with colours when sweets are sprinkled with water. The children were thrilled to see rainbow patterns forming on their plates – a bright, jolly end to a grey and cold week!

Class 4 and Class 11 Play Together

Each week, some of our Year 6 children spend some time playing or reading with our Nursery children; this time around it was Lego and water play. Both sets of children really enjoy spending time together – the older children make lovely caregivers and the little ones relish the opportunity to play with the Big Children!