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At Milton Keynes Preparatory School we understand the importance of Outdoor Learning to the development and well-being of both our children and staff. Our unique Environmental Studies Centre enables pupils to experience many aspects of the environment first hand and spend time learning about nature and sustainability.

The Outdoor Classroom provides opportunities for a diverse range of research. Pupils explore living things in the pond and under stones and logs, always mindful not to disturb the natural habitat. Weather studies are a regular occurrence and our state of the art ICT suits enables pupils to monitor and record their findings.

A caring and concerned attitude towards the environment is nurtured whilst an understanding of how conflicts can occur between the needs of man and the needs of the environment is taught. Pupils are taught of the complex inter-relationships between physical conditions, natural processes, human activities and the Earth’s resources. Each pupil in the school from 4 years old will spend regular valuable time at the Environmental Studies Centre.

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